Departments     Department of Extension Education, Juhu

Calendar of Activities 2015-16
Date Day Event
June 15, 2014 Monday Reopening of the department after Summer break
22 Monday Classes for Semester III began
15 Wednesday PGDC&M 14-15 completed their internships
6 Thursday Medical Checkup for Semester I students
11 Tuesday Classes for Semester I of M Sc in EE began
14 Friday Semester I students started their field work
15 Saturday Prerna Misra Semester II EE student won four prizes at SNDTWU Digital India campaign
24 Monday Convocation ceremony for ten students at St. Catherine’s Home Andheri with Mana Sadhan
Vikas Kendra
7 Monday Semester III student presented Dissertation proposal to Juniors
24 Thursday Students attended Neeraben Desai Memorial Lecture organized by RCWS
10-17-31 Saturdays Rotary Green city training programme for Sun Flower School teachers conducted by Semester III and Mira Desai  
12 Monday Students participated in Social Surfing Workshop by Centre for Social Research, New Delhi
16-23 Fridays Five NFE interventions by Semester I students during their Filed work
3 Tuesday Semester examinations begin
7 Saturday End of the semester n completion of previous semester processes
1 Tuesday Reopening after Semester break n New semester for Semester IV students
7 Monday New semester begins for Semester III students
28 Monday Mid- Semester Christmas break
7 Thursday Reopening from the semester break
8 Friday Semester II students begin their field work
27-30 Wed-Sat Department will participate in HSAI national conference at Dharwad
TBA   Media Production workshop for elective students
2-3 Mon-Tues Juhu Campus student-led conference
TBA   Script writing workshop for elective students
29 Monday Semester III students will do their dissertation seminar
31 Wednesday Submission for research dissertation by Semester III students n they leave for internship
for one month
1 to 31 Month Internship of Semester III EE students
    Semester II examinations (university)
7 Friday End of the academic year, Closing for the break
    Semester IV examinations (university)
13 June Monday Reopening for 2016-17