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Calendar of Activities 2014-15
Date Day Event
June 9, 2014 Monday Reopening of the department after Summer break
20 Friday Interviews for PhD admission
25 Wednesday Prof K M Srivastava from IIMC Delhi visited the Department
26 Thursday Film Project Viva of PGD Communication and Media
27 Friday Farewell of HOD Dr Ratna Tewari
30 Monday Ad-Hoc BOS of Communication and Media Studies
1 Tuesday Ad-Hoc BOS of Extension Education
28 Monday Orientation of PGD Communication and Media students
4 to 9 Five days Theatre Workshop
8 Friday Library Orientation
14 Thursday Junior MSc Extension Education Field work meeting at Vacha
18 Monday Meeting of teaching staff of PG Home Science
19 Friday Medical checkup for freshers
23 Thursday Diwali Break began
7  Friday First Term ended as per Academic Calendar
10 Monday Reopening after Diwali Break
17 Monday Briefing of all Home Science students about Student-led conference
18 Tuesday Field work viva of Semester I students
25 Tuesday Semester Examination began
28 Friday PhD seminar Presentations
2-5 Five days Graphics and Animation Workshop
8-13 Six days Video Production Workshop
6 Saturday Dept Research Committee meeting
8 Monday Second Term began
12 Friday PhD Admission Interviews
20 Saturday Department Sports Day with other PG Departments of Home Science
20 Saturday Personal Energy Management Workshop for campus staff and students
22 Monday Leading beyond titles- How to be game changers in the corporate world Lecture for campus student by V. Subramaniam (United technologies)
25 Thursday Christmas Break
4 Monday Reopening after Christmas Break
9 Monday University Convocation
12 Tuesday Session on “Love yourself” by Rupa Anant for campus students
15 Thursday Workshop on “How to get Published” by Payal Kumar
29 Saturday Puppet Workshop for students
3 Tuesday Session on Inferential Statistics and Report Writing in association with Human Development Department by Dr Rubina Lal
7 Saturday Media Mantra 2015: Celebrating Visuals
13-14 Fri-Saturday Churchgate campus student led conference attended by teacher and one MSc EE student
20 Friday Diploma Students visited SCM Sophia Exhibition
7 Saturday Placement cum internship interviews for EE and HD/ECE semester IV students
10-11 Tuesday-Wednesday Juhu Campus student led conference at Churchgate
31 Tuesday Submission of Dissertations by Semester IV students
31 Tuesday Dissertation Seminars of Semester IV students
1 to 31 Four Weeks Semester IV students join organizations for Internship
1 Wednesday NAAC mock assessment
18 Saturday Internship Agency - Praja Foundation person visited the Department
28 Tuesday Magazine Project viva of Diploma students
29 Wednesday Practical examination of Diploma- Visual Communication
2 Saturday Practical examination of Diploma- Advertising & PR
5 Tuesday Dissertation vivas for Semester IV students
8 Friday Farewell of retiring non-teaching staff Vasant Kurkal
13  Friday Internship Viva of MSc Semester IV students
15 May onwards Eight weeks PGD Communication and Media students go for internship
18 Monday Summer Break Begins
15 Monday Reopening for the Academic year 2015-16